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Some new picture discoveries of Dutch Army GPA's

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2020 8:43 pm
by bobassel
Hi friends,
I am glad that I can share some interesting Ford GPA pictures with you.
I got permission to put these on the Forum.
It prooves that the Dutch army had a lot of GPA's after the war.
They are probably GPA's from the left over material that the Canadians left here.
I also have some pictures of GPA's that were doing service in the Dutch Indies, '45 - '49.
( unfortunately not for publishing) Marbrig 83208
A good friend of mine told me that the Dutch army in the Indies got these GPA's from American
vehicle surpluss in that area.
I suppose these GPA's stayed over there.
The Book "Jeeps in Dutch service" mentioned that there were 14 Ford GPA's in the Dutch army.
In spite of my investigations, unfortunately there are no more records of these GPA's.
No number, no frame numbers, no registration numbers, nothing, all destroyed cry
These are nice pictures of Dutch GPA's at Assen, and sailing in Zuidlaren beginning the '60 .
Dutch army plates KX-50-30 and KX-50-35.
Text on the front is 101GN, I think this means 101 Genie.
The GPA's that were on privat service during the floods of '53 were: K-53-40 and N-46383.
Further info or comment welcome, Bob