R&A dist chain kit's Europe

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R&A dist chain kit's Europe

Post by coesens luc » Tue Aug 20, 2019 7:16 pm

Hello Everybody,

I think that most of us know Richard Sanders and his quality reproduction parts.
I for one have used many of his products and in particular the modern style distribution chain sets.
My jeep drove the last 25000 miles with an R&A chain set and is still as quiet as the first day of installation.
It is far superior to the original design, let alone the inferior reproduction kits.

These kits are now available in Belgium.
Please shoot an email to coesens.luc@telenet.be if you would like to purchase a better camshaft chain for your project.
Daily driven jeeps and hard to reach GPA engines are good candidates for such a high quality chain kit.
Important to know is that there are no modifications required for installation, and one's installed, no one can see a modern chain has been installed!
For those unfamiliar with engines… Richard has produced and supplied a step by step "how to install" sheet with each kit.
I am to your service by email, phone or hands-on help for if something would still be unclear or another issue would occur.
The price for a set is 250€ + shipping.

Best Regards,

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