GPA 11933

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GPA 11933

Post by Jan Roelse » Sun Jan 28, 2007 11:13 am

History: Landleased during WW2 to Britsh War Department. S(upply)/M(Mechanical) 2820. U.S.Gov.: W-374-ORD-2782. D.o.d. April 7, 1943
Original Br.Reg.Nr.: P 5219856 (1 of 284 units)

Used in Br.Army at least to Aug. 45 (brass tag on - Willys - engine of Min. of Supply). In 1980 replaced for original Ford block.
This "late" GPA is equiped with most FMWO but no jerrycan-and rifle holder. WW 2 Normandy GPA anchor (bought in a scrapyard belonging to a dive-museum near Port-en-Bessin Fr.)

Post-war hist.: 1945 England, 1970 Sweden (Movie Company Riteatrana-auction-privat owner), 1979 ( mv.collector) Luxembourgh, 1980 Holland (Roelse Bros.collection).
GPA 1942 #3972
GPA 1943 #11933
GPW 1942 #34836
WLA 1942 #60724
WLC 1943 #5185
Collector:WW2 docs/prints amphibians.
Avatar: Tribute to Ben Carlin "Half Safe"

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