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GPA movie

Post by bobassel » Wed Feb 05, 2020 9:05 am

Hi Guys,
I like to share a nice you tube movie, from my Australian friend, Craig Olsen.
He bought his GPA in the USA.
This was a Lend lease GPA to the Brittish Army, and ended in India.
R&R motors bought this in India and brought it back to England, together with an other GPA
that ended in France, and is now it is sold to a Dutch GPA owner.
This movie GPA was sold to an American owner, who sold it to Craig in Australia.
Craig did the restoration, and nearly finished, he came in contact with a television channel,
who was interested in doing a documentary abouth Ben Carlin.
Craig decided to transform his GPA to the Ben Carlin's outfit / look and took her to open sea.
See the result here:
(craig transformed her back to original olive drab factory look after this movie)
Ford GPA 12350, april 4th 1943
Author of GPA book,
Willys MD M38A1, A13817 1952

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