Amphib international Italy 2013

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Amphib international Italy 2013

Post by bobassel » Wed Jun 26, 2013 9:01 pm

Hi Amphib friends ,
This year Amphib International is held in Italy at Lake Garda.
Like a lot of other Amphib owners, I was not able to go to Amphib because of the early date
because of my work.
But, friendship in this hobby is so good that organisor Alberto made me an offer that I couldn't resist sunny
With a cheap flight I was able to spend two days at Lake Garda and drive and sail his GPA lol
What a joy to be there and meet my Amphib friends and taste the good atmosphere of Amphib and beers rolley
Nice sunny weather, fine temperature and clear water, a lot difference with a cold and rainy Holland.
Lovely on the water we did the first tour with the group on Sunday.
There were 10 GPA's,+/- 15 Amphi cars,1 DUKW,1Schwimwagen,3 Russian GAZ,1 Amphibus,1Amphi Ranger,1 Jet Ranger,1Voyager,1 Volvo Amphibian and 2 Duttons.
Unfortunately in the night from sunday to monday there was a big storm and so strong that we decided not to go for a swimtrip on monday
because the waves were to high and risky.
There was also a Volvo 6 x 6 Amphibian which I've never seen before.
There were only 5 made and this was the only sailing and driving example left.
On my last evening over there, I had the pleasure that organiser Alberto Dubini took me for a trip after diner, for a short trip on the dark lake Garda.
I am obsessed by Ford GPA's, but this Amphi Ranger trip made me fell in love again for this wonderfull vehicle rolley
Unfortunately it was a short visit for me at Amphib, but I enjoyed every minute of it!
Friday it will be announced were next Amphib will be held.
Alberto again my great thanks for lending me your GPA lol
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Re: Amphib international Italy 2013

Post by Jan Roelse » Tue Jul 02, 2013 3:54 pm

Hi Bob,

Amphib 2014 will be organized by our good friend and "beefed up" Aloha Amphicar owner: Jurgen Neuenhausen from Germany.
Location near the river Mosel (Traben-Trarbach/Germany). Period: end of July. Details will sure follow.

Amphib Italia was again an fantastic event, thanks the nice weather and Alberto Dubini with his nice staff.
It was real great - as you know - to be there.

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